Brightcove debuts TV Everywhere solution

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Eric Elia on January 24, 2010

I am delighted to announce the availability, today, of the Brightcove TV Everywhere Solution Pack (TVE-SP). The solution gives TV programmers everything they need to deliver rich, branded TV Everywhere-compatible catch-up TV services. This solution combines the breadth and depth of the Brightcove 4 platform with key third-party technologies. First and foremost is Ping Identity's PingFederate system, a standards-based solution for user authentication and authorization. More details are available in the formal announcement and white paper (register to download it here).

I've been asked to jump in as the new Vice President, TV Solutions, to work with both programmers and distributors, or MVPDs, to make sure their launches are successful. This is a role similar to one I held in the early days of Brightcove and over the past several years running Professional Services. In that time, we've seen a few consistent ingredients to launching and operating a successful online business. I've touched on some of these, including SEO, proper analytics and editorial engagement, in the past (click here for my 10 Tips for the Grown-Up Video Business post). Putting these best practices into action, along with great user experience design, has been our bread and butter. TV Everywhere introduces a new set of challenges.

The key challenges for implementing a TV Everywhere solution starts with user experience. This year, we will see the next great video user experiences emerge. In my time at @Home Network, a lifetime ago during the first years of broadband, our video was not much bigger than a postage stamp, and always 10 minutes or less. We broke a lot of new ground during my stint at Comcast - unleashing massive 480x360 (heh) size video in The Fan, the first large-scale Flash-based video aggregation service. Today, you can watch Jack Bauer online full-screen, HD quality. Moving forward, programmers have to think about more than just video quality and navigation:

  • A smooth authentication process
  • Complex entitlement issues - windowing, geographic restrictions and more
  • Proper internal analytics and third-party audience measurement
  • The right advertising experiences
  • Integrations with various ad networks, servers and a new wave of very exciting ad optimization solutions
  • Delivery across multiple CDNs

This is about a lot more than a player, some metadata and sign-in box.

Later this year, I look forward to showing off some great new TV Everywhere experiences that we have in the queue. In the meantime, I'll try to share what we learn along the way on this blog and my Twitter feed ( - please excuse the random Bay Area street food tweets). 

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Joe L. (not verified) on January 12, 2011
I believe that TV everywhere is good for the consumer and the network corporations. TV everywhere is still in its infancy, DISH Network has the Sling technology, and I would definitely have to say that with the DISH Remote Access and the Sling Adapter this has given consumers more TV freedom than ever before. Customers can now take their TVs with them no matter where they are. I actually work at DISH so working with this technology all the time and its great.
madbohem (not verified) on September 25, 2010

Cable is stuck being a middle man with a service quickly becoming redundant with people able to find what they wish to watch online. This whole thing is spin because you still have to have the cable box and the high priced service.

TV Everywhere same old cable plan

Anonymous on January 27, 2010

Great strategic move. The commercial side of media dist needs convergence, which usually comes from a leader. The cable-to-web and web-to-TV movement will shake up the entire media industry.

sam beal