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    Steve Rotter on April 10, 2014

    Brand marketers are looking at online video in new ways. More and more, they understand that it's not about generating views for their own sake—instead, the real strategic value of video is in moving the needle on the metrics that really matter—things like mobile engagement, conversions and cart size. Read More →

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    Courtney Pierce on April 10, 2014

    Last week, I had the pleasure of participating in a panel discussion at an Argyle Executive Marketing Forum. Held at the Union League in New York, the event focused on retail and consumer goods, and attracted an audience of marketing executives from large brands and retailers in the New York area. It was a wonderful opportunity to connect with many of our customers in the retail industry! Read More →

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    Brenna Fitzgerald on April 7, 2014

    Today, we're very excited to jointly announce with Azubu that the eSports leader has selected Brightcove's media solutions to reach eSports enthusiasts around the world with high-quality gaming programming across devices. Specifically, Azubu is taking advantage of Brightcove Video Cloud in tandem with our Zencoder service to power video playback, live transcoding and ad insertion on mobile phones, PCs and tablets.  Read More →

  • Luke Gaydon's picture
    Luke Gaydon on April 3, 2014

    The U.K. has enjoyed plenty of great sport in recent months, from the gripping final days of the Six Nations rugby, to the start of the new Formula One racing season and of course the Winter Olympics and Paralympics, which saw some fantastic results for Team GB. As these events demonstrated, sports programming really needs to be live to achieve greatest impact, with viewers sitting on the edge of their seats, awaiting that crucial decision which could mean win or lose for their team. That said, the need for a 'live' experience certainly does not apply for all types of TV programming. Read More →

  • Sue Thexton's picture
    Sue Thexton on April 3, 2014

    Meet Blue Juice: a U.K.-based digital agency that specializes in developing innovative video content and mobile apps for a host of diverse clients. Blue Juice has been a Brightcove partner for four years to help meet the needs of its customers for high-quality video delivery across multiple devices. Read More →

  • Brenna Fitzgerald's picture
    Brenna Fitzgerald on April 3, 2014

    Today, we are excited to unveil new support for advanced encoding formats through our Zencoder service. Zencoder will now support HEVC, MPEG-2, MPEG-TS, JPEG 2000 and AVC-Intra, bringing the power of cloud encoding to broadcast and professional workflows. Additionally, Zencoder will also support MXF container for conformity with DPP guidelines for European broadcasters. Read More →

  • Brenna Fitzgerald's picture
    Brenna Fitzgerald on March 28, 2014

    We continue to showcase Brightcove employees as part of our ongoing "Spotlight" series. In the video embedded below, you'll meet James Hamar, senior video producer at Brightcove. While he's usually behind the camera, James sat down for an interview where he detailed the vast portfolio of video projects he works on--encompassing marketing creative, human resources, internal communications and customer case studies. Regardless of the assignment, authentic storytelling is James' priority. Read More →