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    Michelle Berman on August 18, 2014

    Engaging your users and fans is more important than ever. From live feeds to user-generated news, growing communities around your brand and products is increasing in popularity. As social media and technology have evolved, user-generated content has become some of the most effective and successful shared content. And of course, video has played a key role in this phenomena. Read More →

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    Mike Green on August 15, 2014

    The IAB US, IAB Europe, and IHS Technology revealed the 2013 global figures for mobile advertising this week, reporting that revenue “soared a massive 92 percent to $19.3bn (€14.6bn) in 2013 from $10.1bn (€7.6bn) in 2012.” The report analyzes mobile ad revenue growth in buckets of search, messaging and display -- the last of which includes video. Read More →

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    Steve Rotter on August 15, 2014

    The goal for marketers is clear: drive demand and increase conversion. How to get there, however, isn’t always so lucid. In the age of email campaigns, social media, landing pages, etc., choosing the most effective method can be overwhelming. Read More →

  • Jovana Tozija's picture
    Jovana Tozija on August 14, 2014

    This blog comes to us from Jovana Tozija, Project Delivery Manger at Invideous. Invideous, an online video monetization platform, is one of Brightcove’s Premiere Partners. Paywall from Invideous enables publishers to monetize video content using a raft of transactional tools. Read More →

  • Michelle Berman's picture
    Michelle Berman on August 12, 2014

    The value of adding video to your marketing and content mix is clear - landing pages that contain video experience an 80% increase in conversion rates when compared to pages that include just text and images (Aberdeen Research Report, 2013). While most best-in-class marketers are utilizing video as a content marketing tactic, leveraging that video to reach an international audience with varying native languages can be a bump in the road for some. Read More →

  • Michelle Berman's picture
    Michelle Berman on August 11, 2014

     In June we wrapped up our annual PLAY conference, which we took on tour across the globe this year. From New York City, London, Tokyo, and Sydney we had a chance to not only launch our new product offerings, but were also able to hear about trends, challenges, and more from customers across the four continents. Read More →

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    Kristin Leighton on August 8, 2014

    Australian broadcasters Seven, Nine, Ten and ABC recently announced they will launch their FreeviewPlus HbbTV service on September 2nd. This comes on the heels of another multicultural broadcaster, SBS, launching its own HbbTV offering in June to capitalize on viewership around the World Cup. Read More →