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    Gilles Domartini March 29, 2013

    Brightcove technology partner Cleeng helps its customers to generate more revenue per viewer through its integrated digital content e-commerce platform. Read More →

  • Monetizing Live Video

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    Chris Johnston March 28, 2013

    Streaming live video is rapidly becoming an important media strategy component for any organization that relies on video to make money. While on-demand video typically still represents the lion's share of content and resulting revenue, media companies see numerous benefits to live video as well. Read More →

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    Kristin Leighton March 28, 2013

    We are thrilled to announce the initial lineup of speakers for Brightcove PLAY 2013, our third annual global customer conference set for May 13 - 15 at the InterContinental Boston hotel. The agenda for the action-packed three day event features speakers from Brightcove customers and partners, including representatives from Cisco Systems, Condé Nast Entertainment, Content Marketing Institute, Gannett Digital, IBM, Joyce Meyer Ministries, Oracle, Rogers Digital Media, Showtime, Tribune Company, and more to be added in the coming weeks.  Read More →

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    Casey Wilms March 28, 2013

    The last two posts by your intrepid compressionist were focused on dynamic concatenation and sensible rendition selection. This post continues to dive deeper towards the core of building a flexible video platform designed for growth. Read More →

  • Ricky Fritzsching's picture
    Ricky Fritzsching March 27, 2013

    I work with many large Fortune 500 companies--major enterprise brands that are comprised of multiple divisions and subdivisions. And all of these groups have video. From a training and day-to-day maintenance perspective, at the beginning of our journey many of my customers feel overwhelmed by the prospect of managing all of the content through one Video Cloud account, yet with numerous ingestion points. Read More →

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    Brenna Fitzgerald March 27, 2013

    It's that time of year again. NAB is almost upon us, and the entire media and broadcast industry is preparing for a busy, week-long trip to Las Vegas. Read More →

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    Jeff Whatcott March 26, 2013

    Today we announced the general availability of the Zencoder Live Cloud Transcoding service, which is an open API for live video encoding in the cloud that removes barriers to multi-screen live streaming and changes the economics of live video events. Read More →

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    Brenna Fitzgerald March 26, 2013

    Smartcom:tv, a company that produces live and on-demand events, utilized the Zencoder Live Cloud Transcoding service to support live streaming of the annual event Finnmarksløpet, a 500 kilometer and 1000 kilometer dog sled race in the most northern part of Norway. The race, which spans an entire week and is comprised of a series of grueling challenges in the bitter cold, was available to viewers for free--live. Read More →

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    Brenna Fitzgerald March 25, 2013

    User-generated content is a relatively new phenomenon--originating in the mid-2000s and surging in popularity ever since. Media companies and brands alike have embraced the knowledge, thought leadership and creativity that citizen journalists and consumers bring to their owned online properties. Major household names (i.e. Ford, Doritos) have taken user-generated content one step further by embarking on advertising campaigns driven solely by brand enthusiasts. It's truly fascinating how the medium has evolved in only a short time. Read More →

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    Brenna Fitzgerald March 22, 2013

    This week Deloitte released its State of the Media Democracy Survey, an assessment of U.S. consumers' digital habits. The research is full of fascinating statistics. Among them: 26 percent of us are what Deloitte refers to as "digital omnivores." That is--over a quarter of U.S. consumers own not just a laptop, but a smartphone and a tablet too (check out the infographic below). Read More →