• Zack Sears on September 11, 2009
  • Zack Sears on April 13, 2005

    by Matt Haughey, PVRblog12 April 2005 "It's an exciting time for people that watch TV and those that are on the cusp of new trends in delivering television to viewers... I can't wait to see where the world of TV is in five years. I suspect I'll be picking shows I want to see off a website, buying copies for a small charge, and downloading them for to my home theater by then." Read full article Read More →

  • Zack Sears on April 11, 2005

    CNET is releasing a series of articles focused on how the television and video industry is changing. For those eager to learn about a number of dynamics that play within this market, these pieces should offer great background information. The articles will be released over the next few days. Day 1 (Monday, April 11): "Finally, you are in control" Read More →

  • Zack Sears on April 11, 2005

    Thomas Hawk interviews Brightcove's Jeremy Allaire on Engadget. As we've done here before, Jeremy articulates the difference between Brightcove's Internet Television approach and the TelcoTV flavor of IPTV.  Read More →

  • Zack Sears on April 10, 2005

    by Brian Pomerpy, Futurewire Blog 28 March, 2005 "We've discussed this many times before, but Chris Anderson at Long Tail has a post that summarizes everything that's wrong with today's television, in terms of demographics, falling ratings and ineffective advertising models. ... The post also points to solutions -- not for the powers that be, but for the viewer. One of the most intriguing is a company called Brightcove. Read More →

  • Zack Sears on April 4, 2005

    by Gary Gentile, AP/USAToday.com3 April 2005 "It all speaks to Yahoo executives' excitement about 'micropublishing' - letting the portal's users create content attractive to fellow users that will encourage people to hang around in Yahoo's virtual world. "It's a vision shared by others who see a future where people aren't just passive viewers of content but participate in creating the 'TV shows' of tomorrow. Read More →

  • Zack Sears on April 2, 2005

    Shedman over at Momentshowing has comments on my IPTV vs Internet of Video presentation.  Read More →