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    Brenna Fitzgerald on April 2, 2013

    Earlier this month, we announced our plans to host a live video webinar in partnership with VideoNuze assessing the future of Apple TV. And, after much anticipation, the day has finally arrived! Beginning at 1:30 p.m. ET today, Brightcove chairman Jeremy Allaire and VideoNuze editor Will Richmond will discuss and debate Apple's plans for a true television hardware offering in 2013. What obstacles stand in Apple's way? Read More →

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    Jeremy Allaire on December 17, 2012

    Coming into 2012, with rumors and theories running wild, we all hoped for a new Apple TV in time for Christmas. While we did get spades of new tablets from Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Samsung and others, all Apple had for us was an upgraded iPhone and a handful of new iPad updates and sizes. Read More →

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    Chris Nicholson on August 23, 2012

    The results of a new survey from Brightcove technology partner YuMe in conjunction with Frank N. Magid Associates paints a powerful picture for connected TV platforms. According to the research, nearly 90 percent of connected TV users notice ads on the platform and the majority of users interact with the ads. Meanwhile, close to 20 percent ultimately make a purchase. Read More →

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    Chris Nicholson on August 14, 2012

    Proclaiming its coverage of the London Olympics to be the most watched event in U.S. television history, NBC unofficially declared open season on the slicing and dicing of viewing numbers, stats and trends for the 2012 summer games. While the analysis is sure to be wide and varied over the coming days and weeks, it can be easily argued that London was a watershed event for TV Everywhere/multi-screen video/cross-platform entertainment. Read More →

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    Chris Nicholson on July 18, 2012

    “This is probably the best time to be a content developer,” Jim Breyer told Beet.TV following his PLAY 2012 keynote conversation. In this video interview, the partner at Accel and president of Accel Management Company discussed the opportunities for app developers to create video apps and the integration of video with social and commerce to create the great next-gen apps.   Read More →

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    Chris Nicholson on July 17, 2012

    Brightcove Chairman and CEO Jeremy Allaire took a couple of minutes to talk with Beet.TV during PLAY 2012 about the introduction of our App Cloud Dual-Screen Solution for Apple TV, what Apple’s TV business might look like, and how the app ecosystem is evolving for video producers.      Read More →

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    Chris Nicholson on July 11, 2012

    The opening day of our PLAY 2012 global customer conference included an afternoon “fireside chat” featuring Jim Breyer, Partner at Accel and President of Accel Management Company; Erick Schonfeld, technology journalist and former Editor-in-Chief of TechCrunch; and Brightcove Chairman and CEO, Jeremy Allaire. During the conversation, the three industry luminaries shared compelling insights on everything from the shift of resources to mobile marketing and apps, the ideal dual-screen app, what content is most valuable, and much more. Read More →

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    Phil Costa on June 24, 2012

    Today at the annual Brightcove PLAY conference, we made several exciting announcements about App Cloud. First, we released a completely free version called App Cloud Core. This new edition enables web app developers to build and deploy an unlimited number of mobile and tablet applications for free. Just download the SDK, test your app on iOS or Android using Brightcove Workshop, then upload your code and we'll compile it in the cloud. Read More →

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    Jeremy Allaire on June 4, 2012

    Ever since the publication of Walter Isaacson’s biography on Steve Jobs where he cites Steve as saying that he and Apple had “cracked the code” on TV, there has been insane speculation about Apple’s purported forthcoming TV products and strategy. And appropriately so -- Apple’s rise as the dominant global consumer electronics powerhouse for internet platforms and devices ensures that whatever the company does, it will be transformative for consumers and the TV industry. Read More →

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    Kristin Leighton on May 22, 2012

    We are very excited to announce a special new keynote session that has been added to Brightcove PLAY 2012, our second annual global customer conference taking place from June 25 - 27th in Boston. The new keynote will feature industry luminaries Jim Breyer, Erick Schonfeld and Brightcove chairman and CEO, Jeremy Allaire. Read More →