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    Sophie Rayers on October 10, 2014

    All over the country, music-lovers this summer were pulling on their wellies and heading out into the open air to relish one of the joys of the summer: festival season. With hundreds of music festivals taking place in the summer months, making every event and seeing every performance on offer was virtually impossible… or was it? Read More →

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    Michelle Berman on September 3, 2014

    Viewers and publishers alike have many reasons to love live video events. For audiences, they offer the immediacy of watching live events as they happen and the convenience of viewing high-quality content anywhere and on any device. Publishers can attract new viewers with fresh, exclusive content and boost revenue with new monetization opportunities. A Freewheel report sheds light on current live streaming trends, proving that viewers are increasingly heading online and looking for live content. Read More →

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    Jovana Tozija on August 14, 2014

    This blog comes to us from Jovana Tozija, Project Delivery Manger at Invideous. Invideous, an online video monetization platform, is one of Brightcove’s Premiere Partners. Paywall from Invideous enables publishers to monetize video content using a raft of transactional tools. Read More →

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    Albert Lai on June 19, 2014

    This article originally appeared on June 13, 2014 in Streaming Media.  Read More →

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    Kristin Leighton on June 12, 2014

    In the U.S., we have the Super Bowl. In Australia, it’s all about the State of Origin game, which is an annual best-of-three series of rugby league football matches between the Blues from New South Wales and the Maroons from Queensland. The 2014 State of Origin series recently kicked off, with the Blues edging out the Maroons in game 1. Read More →

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    Justin Khaksar on March 5, 2014

    This post originally appeared on VOD Professional Read More →

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    Brenna Fitzgerald on December 30, 2013

    We're all in when it comes to the power of live broadcasting--and we recognize that it's a transformational technology for marketers and media companies alike. Anecdotally, we know that live streaming has surged in popularity, but we wanted to check our own customer data sets to understand just how much more prominent live streaming has become in recent years. So, we recruited our analytics team to do some quick number crunching for us. And what did we find? Live events produced by our customers saw: Read More →

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    Brenna Fitzgerald on November 22, 2013

    ABS-CBN is a premier broadcaster in the Philippines, and the country's oldest commercial television network. In addition to its traditional broadcasting efforts, ABS-CBN has made a significant investment in its digital TV offerings. The network offers premium entertainment content videos, news and self-produced short films and TV series via live and video on-demand (VOD) streaming, the mobile Web and a ABS-CBN mobile app. Read More →

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    Brenna Fitzgerald on October 21, 2013

    This week, our technical gurus are offering a series of exciting free webinars that will share deep insight into best practices as you seek to learn more about publishing and delivering premier video experiences to audiences on every screen. We hope that you can join us as we discuss a wide range of topics including: cloud-based encoding, HTML5 video players, online video advertising, live streaming and video content management. Read More →

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    Brian Kaufman on October 18, 2013

    As an account director for many Brightcove Video Cloud customers, I'm often asked, "How do other companies do this?" Or "What are some best practices that other companies do in this situation?" The best form of flattery is imitation, and customers are eager to replicate the success of their peers. In this post, I'd like to highlight a live streaming example that I think many brands can benefit from learning more about… Read More →