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    Michelle Berman on February 24, 2015

    In today’s digital age, marketing teams are increasingly finding that the key to marketing success lies within creating experiences for potential customers. A major component of creating these experiences is a strong video strategy. Video has the power to create human connections and memorable experiences that far surpass that of print and images alone. Consequently, many brands are driving success through creating custom, fully-branded video galleries that completely immerse customers with branded content. Read More →

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    Albert Lai on February 20, 2015

    Continuing from my post yesterday, below are more insights and trends on the latest video distribution headlines that were discussed during a panel I participated on at Digital Entertainment World last week. Read More →

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    Albert Lai on February 19, 2015

    Last week at Digital Entertainment World in Los Angeles, I had the opportunity to discuss several fun topics with industry peers David Gale, Greg Diefenbach, and Jeff Chi. We shared perspectives as part of the “Entertainment on the Go: Distribution Strategies for Video” session, in the form of rapid-fire reactions to a curated list of recent headlines. I’ve shared some of the topics and my responses with you. Read More →

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    Anne-Lynn Nilius on November 24, 2014

    This year, Brightcove partnered with Content Marketing Institute (CMI) on their third annual content marketing survey, which polls marketers in Australia on how they use content as part of the marketing mix. The results of the survey provide beneficial insight into challenges and future initiatives. This year’s research revealed that half (50%) of marketers cited producing engaging content and the ability to measure content effectiveness as top challenges. Read More →

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    Albert Lai on November 21, 2014

    With Sony announcing details of its new cloud-based streaming service, PlayStation Vue, last week – designed to offer an internet-only TV package as a replacement for cable or satellite – the question on everyone’s mind now is: Will cloud-based TV services replace the current model of cable subscriptions? The transition to the cloud in video streaming has created waves of change for professional solutions, which have already turned the opportunity into a trend (though some may qualify it as an experimental one) towards ‘cable-less’ TV services. Read More →

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    Michelle Berman on November 10, 2014

    A few years ago adding webrooming and showrooming to your vocabulary would have certainly been met with sideways stares of confusion. However, the explosion of online retail has created some new and interesting words that are quickly turning commonplace. Today, especially as the holiday season rolls in, both words will play a major role behind the decisions of retailers looking to capitalize on holiday sales. Read More →

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    Michelle Berman on October 1, 2014

    We have once again partnered with Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs to conduct a comprehensive survey of more than 1,800 B2B marketers in North America to learn how they use content as part of the marketing mix and what their challenges and initiatives are. Read More →

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    Albert Lai on September 30, 2014

    The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) unanimously ruled against the Sports Blackout Rule today, eliminating the rule that forces cable and satellite companies to black out any games that are also blacked out on local broadcast TV. Although the rule applied to all sports leagues, the National Football League (NFL) was the most vociferous opponent primarily because NFL games are still available on broadcast TV. Read More →

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    Michelle Berman on September 25, 2014

    Selecting a video ad serving approach is one of the most important decisions made by a digital video company. An ad serving solution has a significant impact on a company’s ability to maximize video ad revenue while minimizing weekly operational overhead. As more devices have emerged and evolved and complexities have increased, new factors for consideration have surfaced. Companies are no longer constrained by traditional options for ad insertion and now have the ability to utilize a hybrid approach. Read More →

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    Michelle Berman on September 13, 2014

    The move to the digital age has create waves of change for media companies. From the explosion of devices to social distribution, broadcasters are navigating through a sea of new and unfamiliar trends. Taking a deeper look, one trend stands out as the accelerator of this digital transition, and that is the unprecedented pace at which consumers have changed their behavior and expectations around viewing premium video content. Read More →