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    Michelle Berman on September 13, 2014

    The move to the digital age has create waves of change for media companies. From the explosion of devices to social distribution, broadcasters are navigating through a sea of new and unfamiliar trends. Taking a deeper look, one trend stands out as the accelerator of this digital transition, and that is the unprecedented pace at which consumers have changed their behavior and expectations around viewing premium video content. Read More →

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    Michelle Berman on September 11, 2014

    We have been long-time believers in the power of video, and as consumers become more and more tech savvy, it’s increasingly important for marketers to understand the influence of video in the marketing mix. To better illustrate how consumers feel about video, we embarked on a research study that questioned 2,000 consumers globally. Read More →

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    Michelle Berman on September 8, 2014

    Content is king, but where would the king be if he couldn't reach his royal subjects? We’ve all been exposed to the importance of content in today’s world, but as this trend evolves and content becomes more refined, content delivery systems need to keep pace. Creating great content is only the first step; if your content isn't being delivered effectively, then your message is falling on deaf ears. Read More →

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    Sue Thexton on June 25, 2014

    We're delighted to announce that Brightcove Once, our cloud based ad insertion and streaming stitching solution, bagged the "Best Video Advertising Platform Award" at last night’s Streaming Media Europe's Readers Choice Awards in London! Read More →

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    Albert Lai on June 18, 2014

    Amazon is set to unveil an innovative new product on Wednesday, June 18, and rumor has it the device may be Amazon’s first attempt at a phone. But reports are circulating that the device is no ordinary phone; it could be a smartphone with 3D interface that moves as the user tilts their head. Read More →

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    Albert Lai on April 28, 2014

    As I mentioned in my "Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device -- Advanced Mobile Developments" NAB Super Session panel, the biggest news was HBO GO falling over during the Game of Thrones season premiere, its second in the past couple of months. I anticipated that the rest of the month would be spent discussing King Joffrey’s wedding, Arya and Jamie’s new “golden” fist. Read More →

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    Brenna Fitzgerald on March 6, 2014

    Last month, Brightcove vice president of digital marketing solutions Steve Rotter participated in #ContentTech--a virtual event coordinated by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI). The #ContentTech agenda offered a range of advice for content marketers regarding technology implementations as well as general, content-driven best practices. And now, for a limited time, CMI is offering all of the #ContentTech sessions for a free download. Here's a snapshot of the topics covered in the sessions: Read More →

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    Justin Khaksar on March 5, 2014

    This post originally appeared on VOD Professional Read More →

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    Alexis Smith on February 26, 2014

    As more premium video content becomes available online and consumers increase their video consumption across all screens, publishers and advertisers are widely recognizing the importance of delivering a high-quality, television-like experience for their customers. Read More →

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    Albert Lai on February 26, 2014

    Two highly anticipated over-the-top (OTT) services launched this week. While the Disney Movies Everywhere service may target an entirely different audience than the WWE Network service, both offerings aim to deliver a premium digital entertainment product to a highly targeted audience. Read More →