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    Brenna Fitzgerald on March 7, 2014

    Did you miss our live video webinar with Trip Kucera from the Aberdeen Group earlier this week? There's no need to worry--we've got you covered. The webinar is now available on demand (see it embedded below). You can also download Aberdeen's Analyzing the ROI of Video Marketing report in full via this link. Review these assets at your convenience to learn more about the following research findings and statistics: Read More →

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    Brenna Fitzgerald on March 6, 2014

    At the recent Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona, Brightcove CTO AJ McGowan spoke with Joe O'Halloran from Rapid TV News about the "future of TV." Specifically, AJ and Joe discussed how Brightcove is helping broadcasters to take advantage of TV's latest transformation--a scenario where content creators have regained direct-to-consumer power. Tune in to the video embedded below to hear AJ discuss: Read More →

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    Brenna Fitzgerald on February 20, 2014

    This video is part of a series featuring industry perspective and insight from key players in the digital media and broader technology ecosystem. The series stems from a range of interviews recently conducted by Brightcove account director Renee Teeley. Worldwide networking leader Cisco Systems strives to transform "how people connect, communicate and collaborate"--and video is a key component of the company's customer communications strategy. Read More →

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    Jeff Whatcott on January 29, 2014

    Brands continue to expand their use of high-quality content, and particularly video, to engage with customers and prospects, build lasting relationships and drive sales. Within the B2B space alone, over 75% of B2B companies already use content marketing, and over 73% plan to increase their investment in content marketing initiatives in 2014. Read More →

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    Kristin Leighton on January 7, 2014

    Today at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), we are excited to announce a collaboration with Rovi Corporation designed to accelerate the adoption of next-generation video compression standards. Read More →

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    Albert Lai on December 18, 2013

    The end of each calendar year offers us a time to reflect on the previous 12 months and to hypothesize on what we can expect in the new year. This is always a fun exercise, even though, let’s face it, making assumptions about the future is 90 percent - informed but with a little whimsy added for good measure - conjecture. Given the rapid pace of transformation in the digital media industry, it's a particularly exciting time to make predictions about this space. Read More →

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    Jeff Whatcott on November 26, 2013

    Brands of all sizes invest significantly to build brand awareness and attract new customers. For many brands, a large portion of that investment is focused on creating content experiences that will help turn prospects into customers.  Read More →

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    Brenna Fitzgerald on October 21, 2013

    Every few months, we gather a group of our newest employees together to learn more about their experiences at Brightcove during their tenure at the company since their start date. These conversations typically take place two to three months following an employee's hire date. These assessments of employees' "first impressions" of Brightcove are critical to ensuring that our corporate culture priorities are front and center for new employees, and that we really get to know the smart, nice and talented people who have joined our ranks. Read More →

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    Jeff Whatcott on September 23, 2013

    According to eMarketer, $118.4 billion will be spent on content marketing, video marketing and social media in 2013. That is a staggering number, but it’s no surprise when you consider how quickly content, and the ability to distribute that content to audiences via social channels, has grown in significance for marketers of all types. Read More →

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    Brenna Fitzgerald on September 20, 2013

    Late last month, we let you know that the video archive for Brightcove PLAY 2013 was live--and full of terrific sessions centering on the most interesting and important topics related to online video delivery. Now, we're bringing you video "snacks," snippets of complete sessions designed to whet your appetite to review the conversations in full. Read More →