Argyle Executive Forum Chicago: Tales from the Field

Last month, our digital marketing team converged on the Argyle Executive Forum in Chicago to discuss video marketing best practices, along with industry trends and observations. While there, we caught up with content marketing gurus from several organizations and picked their brains on the current state of digital video. Over the next few weeks, we'll bring you these brief video interviews--one by one. First up: Paul Hayward, digital media executive with CME Group, a derivatives marketplace.

Tune into our conversation with Paul below to hear him offer his thoughts on the evolution of TV from a broadcast medium to a "catchall" for online video content. He also shares insight into how CME Group utilizes Brightcove Video Cloud and other technology tools to translate its video content to reach countless markets around the globe. Paul also shares his perspective on the visual power of text, and how animated text has become an effective video tactic.