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[VIDEO] Hack Week at Brightcove

Earlier this month, Brightcove's engineering team took a step away from their backlogs, formed teams that did not exist before and worked on whatever the team wanted to. Sound chaotic?

Getting into the Weeds with TV Everywhere

I am excited for TV Everywhere (TVE). It will allow me to watch TV on my time, but controls the content to allow me to only watch programs that I pay for. Without paying customers there wouldn't be great programming to watch.

The Top 5 Reasons to Use the Brightcove Video Cloud Player SDK for iOS

Many developers who are new to the Brightcove Video Cloud Player SDK for iOS often ask the very fundamental questions: what is it and why would I use it for my app over Apple's native classes? Apple's native classes (AVQueuePlayer and MPMoviePlayerController) are great for embedding simple videos in an app.