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STV's new catch-up TV service - behind the scenes

Scottish Media Group's STV was one of our first launch partners in Europe. I'm delighted to see them enhance their successful year-old experience with a new "catch-up TV" site. We had the good fortune to work with Alistair Brown, David Low and team last year in building the main site.

The Long Tail of TV and coming IP TV Revolution

by Matt Haughey, PVRblog12 April 2005 "It's an exciting time for people that watch TV and those that are on the cusp of new trends in delivering television to viewers... I can't wait to see where the world of TV is in five years.

CNET - "Me TV"

CNET is releasing a series of articles focused on how the television and video industry is changing. For those eager to learn about a number of dynamics that play within this market, these pieces should offer great background information.

Brightcove... the perfect storm

by Brian Pomerpy, Futurewire Blog 28 March, 2005 "We've discussed this many times before, but Chris Anderson at Long Tail has a post that summarizes everything that's wrong with today's television, in terms of demographics, falling ratings and ineffective advertising models. ...

Yahoo raises profile with Hollywood push

by Gary Gentile, AP/USAToday.com3 April 2005 "It all speaks to Yahoo executives' excitement about 'micropublishing' - letting the portal's users create content attractive to fellow users that will encourage people to hang around in Yahoo's virtual world.