• Driving Revenue with OTT

    Tracy Williams's picture
    Tracy Williams on May 28, 2015

    As expected, one of the hot topics at Brightcove PLAY this year was OTT video services. Brightcove customers including Drama Fever, Popcornflix, AcornTV and others were featured during the event and the discussion about best practices spilled over from the first day of the event to our “Training Day” held at Brightcove’s offices. Read More →

  • Meredith Kivett's picture
    Meredith Kivett on May 27, 2015

    We’re excited to announce that a new Brightcove-specific Amazon Fire TV web app kit is now available for Brightcove Video Cloud customers! The new HTML5 template will enable content owners to leverage their existing Brightcove-based workflows for Amazon Fire TV and easily expand their audience reach and revenue opportunity. Read More →

  • Tomer Azenkot's picture
    Tomer Azenkot on May 19, 2015

    Did you know that news reading is the third most popular activity in Taiwan? Combined with a technology savvy culture in a market where the mobile penetration rate is at 120%, Taiwan web users spend an average of 170 minutes online daily. Unsurprisingly, online news sites are extremely popular to feed the growing demand for news and information on the go, given that Taiwan alone has over 2,000 news publishers. Read More →

  • Radha K Raman's picture
    Radha K Raman on May 18, 2015

    Great news from The Land of a Thousand Smiles: We are proud to announce that NationTV, a news digital TV channel owned by Nation Group, the largest integrated media company in Thailand, has selected Brightcove Video Cloud for its recently-launched news and entertainment website, NationTV.TV. Read More →

  • Tracy Williams's picture
    Tracy Williams on May 14, 2015

    Brightcove customers from around the world came to Boston last week for the annual Brightcove PLAY conference. Read More →

  • Michelle Berman's picture
    Michelle Berman on May 14, 2015

    With approximately 3,000 four-year colleges and universities in the United States, competition is fierce among leading schools for top students. For students, too, deciding where to spend the next four years of life is a critical and emotion-evoking decision. To stand out among the competition and to deepen engagement with prospective students and their families, Georgetown University has been incorporating more and more video into its content marketing mix. Read More →

  • Michelle Berman's picture
    Michelle Berman on May 11, 2015

    Brightcove PLAY 2015 kicked off with a fantastic opening keynote last week, which we live streamed to thousands, and are also making available to watch on demand! Check it out below to see Brightcove CEO David Mendels and other key product leaders take the stage to lay out the future of television, the future of video-centric content marketing, and future of Brightcove product innovation. Click here to learn more about Brightcove PLAY! Read More →