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How to Create Video Portals for Business

Brightcove Gallery is a powerful and easy way to quickly roll out video portals. Most customers start with a single portal to house their video library. However, did you realize you can build many different kinds of Galleries? For free? Let’s say you are hosting a live event which you will also be streaming online.

Lifting the user experience by supporting VAST 4.0

If you’re a broadcaster that can replicate the seamless, ad-supported viewing experiences of TV across all of your digital products, you will drive high engagement and more ad inventory. The more screens on which you can accomplish this feat, while successfully avoiding ad blockers, where present, the greater your revenue opportunity.

Meet Neon at Brightcove PLAY 2016

Brightcove has a rich ecosystem of technology partners who extend the value of Video Cloud. They play a key role with our customers and are also an important presence at our global customer conference, PLAY.

Your Video Also Needs a Tagging Strategy

Tagging strategies help digital marketers manage their ever-expanding library of assets. A tag is a word or term describing your content asset. Video marketers should apply this practice to video as soon as possible in order to organize, sort, and display individual video assets, playlists, and libraries.

PLAY Registration NOW open

I am thrilled to announce that registration for PLAY - Brightcove’s global customer event - is open as of today. The event will take place over two days on May 16th and May 17th, 2016 in Boston.

Apple TV is Open for Business... Are You?

“Every company needs to be a media company.” We have heard this time and time again. Until a few weeks ago, TV was the final frontier for organizations looking to plant their media flag.