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3 Interactive Video Marketing Myths, Busted.

I love the show MythBusters. If you’ve never seen it, the basic idea is to take on popularly accepted beliefs or urban legends, then attempt to “Bust the Myth” through any means necessary.

Live-Streaming Keynotes for Marketers at Oracle’s Modern Marketing Experience

Brightcove has big plans for Oracle’s Modern Marketing Experience this week in Las Vegas, NV, and we want you to join us wherever you are. First things first. Brightcove has been chosen as the live stream provider for the Modern Marketing Experience 2016 keynote, powering the extension of modern marketing insights to audiences worldwide.

Meet the Speakers: Todd Yard and David LaPalomento

Since PLAY’s inception in 2010, one session has consistently drawn high attendance rates —“Player Customization.” Todd Yard and David LaPalomento, both members of the technical staff here at Brightcove, are the brains behind this well-loved session.