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VIDEO: How UKTV Leveraged VOD To Drive Growth

Meet Oliver Davies: Head of Digital Products at UKTV and the driver behind digital content for the award-winning UK national broadcaster. UKTV is made up of ten TV channels in total: five available through pay TV, and the other five available free to air.

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Building out an experience to show off your branded video content can be time-consuming, confusing, and costly. Working with a developer, building out the look and feel of your site, pulling in a video library-- testing, previewing, launching-- whew, it’s a lot!

Keeping Channel 4 in Pole Position

Recognised as one of the UK’s most innovative operators, Channel 4 is consistently evolving its offering to deliver premium video experiences to its audiences whilst staying ahead of the competition in an incredibly fast-paced environment. With the rise of Internet TV and the tremendous growth in online video consumption, the activities and...